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ISS online services for international students, scholars, faculty, & staff

Secure Online Session


Welcome to the myISS Services Login Page

Welcome to the myISS Services Login Page

Technology is key to our proactive approach. Our information services and experienced staff enable efficient management of student and scholar data, and our portal provides individualized, web-based services. The following are the types of online services available for international students, scholars, & staff.

Full Client Services for Students & Scholars

Secure services requiring login with your institutional Network ID and password. These services include:

  1. View and update information on file
  2. Submit electronic form (e-form) requests for travel signatures, reduced course load authorization, program extensions, etc.
  3. Access alerts and notes on file that require action in order to maintain legal status

Limited Services for Students & Scholars

Limited services requiring login with your University ID number and date of birth. These services include:

  1. Limited student services like registration for orientation or SEVIS transfer-in.
  2. Limited initial intake forms for J-1 scholars or H-1B employees.

These services will NOT provide all the functionality of the full client services.

Limited Services

The following are additional services: